BMW Lease vs. Finance in Pembroke Pines, Fl, Serving Hollywood and Miramar

The first step to BMW ownership is making the decision to lease or finance your vehicle. If you’re undecided, we at Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines, FL – serving Hollywood and Miramar – have outlined your options.


With more than half of BMW owners committed to lease deals, it is arguably our most popular option. While the end-goal of a lease deal isn’t to own your vehicle, you enjoy the benefit of a new model and lowered cash commitment, as you only pay for the vehicle during the agreed upon term that you established with the dealership.

When you lease a new vehicle with our team of BMW Financial Service providers, you’re able to create a personalized payment plan that fits your financial capability and schedule. At the end of your term, you’re left with the option to lease a new model by creating a new payment structure with the dealer, or simply turn your vehicle in and walk away, though we have a feeling you won’t want to.

We make the end-of-lease process simple and convenient at Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines. You are provided a Lease End Pre-Inspection for your current BMW, giving you ample time to repair any dings or damages, ensuring that you’re never left feeling blindsided.


If developing a deeper relationship with your BMW is what you’re looking for, consider our finance options. When you establish a finance payment plan with us, your name goes on the vehicle’s title and you become the owner at the end of your payment term. With this option, you are able to sell or trade your BMW at your leisure, and the high resale value will add value to any potential vehicle trades you make in the future.

Abandon your payment worries, and let our expertly trained staff set you up with a reasonable and flexible payment schedule that includes low, competitive rates, zero down payment*, and terms up to 72 months. To make the process even more customer-friendly, we offer the BMW Select Program, which offers lease-like payments that are typically lower with the option to refinance.

Whichever options best apply to your lifestyle, BMW ownership is achievable with our flexible lease and finance options. The professionals of Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines are available seven days per week, prepared to walk you through the process and uncover just how easy it is. Visit or call today at .