The Luxurious BMW 7 Series

The 7 Series is BMW's flagship vehicle. It's a renowned full-sized luxury performance car that's equipped with the finest amenities around. It includes sophisticated features to make you and your passengers comfortable.

The seats are available in high-quality leather. They can be adjusted a number of ways to help you achieve the desired position you want. 

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Help is a Button Press Away with the BMW 6 Series Safety Package

The BMW 6 Series of luxury sedans is a family of performance vehicles that spares no expense when it comes to passenger safety and comfort. The members of this family include the Alpina B6, the Gran Turismo, and the Gran Coupe, each of which offers 6 Series drivers the convenience of the BMW Assist emergency safety service.

The BMW Assist service allows you to hit a specially placed emergency switch which informs Response Center employees about your immediate location and vehicle status. 

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BMW 4 Series Overview for 2018

Have you seen the new 2018 4 series from BMW? German engineering meets sporty tech in this latest version of the luxury small car. US News & World Report gave the vehicle high marks in reliability, performance, interior, and comfort, bringing it into the top 10 for its class. With fine-tuned engines and lots of available trims, you'll find that the 4 series is a sportier, roomier version of the 3 series but with some premium features.

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Why Everyone Loves the BMW 5 Series

There is something for every driver to fall in love with in the BMW 5 Series. This sedan will transform your driving experience into something you look forward to everyday. From the 456-horsepower engine to the incredible gas mileage rate, you simply cannot find better quality in class than the BMW 5 Series.

One of the first things you will probably notice when driving this beauty is that the acceleration is incredibly fast and responsive. 

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What is the Differential in My Car and What Does It Do?

The differential in your vehicle has to be working all the time to ensure that power from the transmission is moved to the drive shafts so the car wheels can move. Here is why it is so important to have this part serviced regularly.

When everything is operating as it should, the differential is transferring power by absorbing heat away from other parts. 

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Wheel Care for Modern Vehicles

Today’s cars are made with special alloys and other materials that require some extra care when washing. Wheel finishes can negatively react to chemicals you apply to them, so you need to understand the type of wheel finish you have and purchase the right cleaner.

Coated, painted, or anodized wheels are especially sensitive to chemicals in wheel cleaners, so you need to review the cleaner’s label to ensure it is safe for your finish. 

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Hydroplaning Safety Strategies for Busy Streets

When puddles are scattered in various zones on a busy street, a driver must implement tactical procedures to avoid hydroplaning. If hydroplaning happens on a highly populated road, a fender bender situation or intense collision could occur. The most practical way to prevent handling problems on soaked roads is by steering a vehicle strategically through risky zones with heavy traffic, and you can accomplish this objective easily without hydroplaning by following a few easy steps.

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Maintaining Clean Car Cabin & Engine Air Filters

The car you drive has several air filters working to improve the air quality both inside the cabin and the engine. Here’s why clean filters are so important.

Those cabin air filters are responsible for stripping out mold spores and allergens from the air inside your vehicle. Clean cabin air filters greatly improve air quality and make for a more pleasant driving experience.

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Motor Oil Myths: Cleaning Up the Confusion

What's the deal with all of the myths that are flying around about motor oil? There are a lot of them, and to help you separate fact from fiction, here are a few of them debunked.

Some people think that if you put synthetic oil in your vehicle once, then you can never switch back to conventional oil. This is absolutely false. 

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